Cuculo Happy Hour

Heathfield Happy HourCuculo Deli are hosting an event tomorrow evening (Thursday 29th August) promoting the other businesses in the High Street, “The Heathfield Happy Hour”.

The idea is that the people participating will arrive at Cuculo, have a glass of something to drink and sample the first of many delicious antipasto that they have created. Throughout the High Street other retailers are staying open and in each of their shops you will find a different antipasto. While you enjoy your antipasto you can look around each shop and find out a little more about each and what goods they have to offer.

This is going to be a relaxed, fun evening, tasting great food, enjoying a drink and all the time supporting the local High Street businesses.

For just £10 you get an initial drink at the Deli and all the food at each shop, so please support Cuculo and the local traders by attending this event. If you want any more information please contact Cuculo, you can email them at or call them on 01435 862 596 or just pop in and speak to them.