COVID-19 Updates

There is no escaping it, these are probably the hardest and scariest times we have every faced. As a chamber and business owners we are going to have to make hard decisions on a day to day basis and hopefully the shared information below will help us to do this. If you have any information to share or have questions or just need help please contact us.

Useful Links & Information

Here is the Governments Coronavirus page:

Government guidance for employees, employers and businesses

Advice for protecting your empty premises, ACES (The Alliance of Chambers in East Sussex) Keep your property protected document

Wealden District Council, Advice, support and information for business 
– Here is the Wealden COVID-19 Business Support Grant form, if you need it.

Business Support (Government), Coronavirus Financial Support

South East Business Hub, East Sussex

Locate East Sussex, COVID-19 Financial Business Support

Eastbourne Chamber Website, offering regular daily updates

BBC News, Business page

SKY News, Business page

World health Organiozation, events as they happen

Social Distancing, here is the Governments advice

News Updates

We will try and keep this up to date, if you have anything you think is useful please share it with us and we will do our best to add it here quickly.

23rd March 2020

Lets Do Business Group – Interruption Loan Scheme

22nd March 2020

The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme

21st March 2020

Coronavirus: Ministers urged to assist ‘forgotten’ self-employed

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson tells Britons not to be ‘tempted to go out’

Cabinet minister doesn’t rule out UK lockdown if coronavirus advice ignored

Boris Johnson warns of ‘stark’ and ‘accelerating’ coronavirus numbers ahead of Mother’s Day

20th March 2020

Science tells us virus fate ‘is in our hands’

5 things supermarkets want you to know right now