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I’m Vicki, therapist at The Youth Fairy, a team of Solution Focused therapists dedicated to improving the emotional well-being and mental health of children and teenagers suffering from anxiety, stress, anger, emotional regulation and low confidence.

I offer a 1 hour consultation (free) face to face in Heathfield or online, to discuss your child’s situation and how I can help them regain more emotional control and see them feeling happier, calmer and much more confident in a relatively short amount of time.

As well as helping young people make these changes, I’m passionate that educating them on their mental health is such an important and essential part of the change process. By empowering them with this knowledge, we can help young people to develop more positive, healthy habits for life.

In the consultation I’ll explain to you and your child how the brain works to create their specific problems and associated feelings, behaviours or symptoms. This understanding can be really motivational to children as they realize there is hope, see more clearly what we can do about it and how to promote more mentally healthy behaviours in the future.

This knowledge is super helpful for you as a parent too – it allows for greater understanding, creates a common language to talk more easily with your child about their well-being and gives you specific ideas of how you can best support the process (and beyond ).

And because this modern, well researched approach is solution focused, it means your child won’t have to focus on the past in great detail or revisit traumatic events to make really positive change. Instead, it supports children to recognize their strengths and gives them the tools to move forward.

You’ll also get my relaxation audio downloads to help improve any sleep problems they are having and support the process.

Before training as a therapist and joining the Youth Fairy team I have a background in bereavement care and have assisted hundreds of families through their grief journey. This includes helping children cope with the loss of a family member, parent or sibling by enabling them to regain control of their feelings.

Although grief is a specialist area, I also work with a range of other concerns such as anxiety, stress, trauma, depression and low confidence/self-esteem. I hold an Enhanced DBS and am fully insured.

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