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LED-UK can help your commercial property to switch to LED Lighting

Save up to 71% on your energy bill, reduce your carbon emissions and get a fast return of investment by upgrading your lighting system to LED.
We help design, supply and install a bespoke LED Lighting System tailored to your business. Our expert team will ensure that your commercial property matches the heart of your business, whether you’re a car showroom wanting to be the brightest building on the block or a retail store wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Saving & Funding

Switching to LED Lighting does require an initial investment. However, there are a lot of different funding options that you can look at to help assist the switch. The payback on LED can be less than a year, but funding can help.
If you’re based in Kent or East Sussex, you could be eligible for a Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) grant, which is an EU funded project offering grants to help businesses tackle and adapt to climate change. Businesses can qualify for 40% of the cost, on up to £10,000, for carbon reducing projects. This includes LED lighting upgrades.

UV-C LED products for commercial use.

LED-UK Lighting Ltd is the official UK partner of EcoLight LED, a leading innovative manufacturer of advanced UV-C LED products for commercial use. The current climate has led to an increased need for the safe sterilisation of premises and equipment in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, office, institutional, education and general care sectors that was previously only required by medical institutions.

UV-C light is part of ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 200 to 280 nm (specified in PN-90 / E-01005). It is a common method of conducting specialized disinfection mainly in medical facilities and food processing plants. Used to disinfect surfaces, air and water. The disinfecting effect consists in the penetration of high-energy particles of UV-C rays through the cell membrane of the pathogen. Then, as a result of the absorption of particles by DNA / RNA cell proteins, their structure is permanently damaged. This process is irreversible, which means that from that moment the pathogen cannot survive or reproduce.

The process described above is responsible for the elimination and neutralization of 99.99% of microorganisms, including pathogenic pathogens, with appropriate exposure to UV-C radiation.
The amount of UV-C radiation on a given surface ensuring effective disinfection is strictly defined. The effective radiation dose expressed in millijoules (mJ) per square centimeter (cm2) of the surface is 50 mJ / cm2.

All our UV-C equipment is fitted with human movement detectors and safety sensors.
Should you want to consider the installation of an effective UV-C disinfection system in your working environment we will carry out a survey to calculate the correct level, wattages and time needed to successfully disinfect your workplace.

All details and certifications are available on our website or call 01424 222 200.