Business start-up workshops

EDEAL have added 2 new online business start-up workshops to the events page on their website. They will be delivered in 2 parts across 2 consecutive days

Start-up workshop for Eastbourne residents

Part 1 – Mon 15th March 10am to 1pm
Part 2 – Tues 16th March 10am to 1pm

Start-up workshop for Wealden residents

Part 1 – Mon 22nd March 10am to 1pm
Part 2 – Tues 23rd March 10am to 1pm

Across the 2 days we will cover the following

  • Do you have the motivation, vision and values to run a business?
  • Business reality check, will your idea work as a business?
  • Business planning – why and how
  • How much do you know about your business idea?
  • Legal status for your business
  • Keeping on the right side of the law
  • Finance – cash flow forecasting, profit and loss and breakeven
  • Customer focussed marketing

Workshops can be booked direct or via Eventbrite on the EDEAL website – links below